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We made our annual trip to the beach again this year for spring break. If you missed it, here was last year’s trip. I swear planning this trip is what gets me through the end of winter around here. Dreaming of laying on the beach in the hot sun listening to the waves crashing in helps me stomach the snow and ice in March a little easier. It is always so much fun, and I look forward to it every year.


This year, we changed it up a bit. We usually always pick a place in Florida to visit, but this year we decided on Gulf Shores, Alabama. It didn’t disappoint. The beach was beautiful with tons of seashells to collect, the area was really nice with lots of fun stuff to do, and the weather ended up being really nice too. We also had a gorgeous view from every spot in our condo, which never hurts! 🙂 We drank coffee every morning and then hit the beach and stayed all day.

We went with my mom and my sister and her family, so J was busy playing with his cousins pretty much the entire time. He had a blast on the beach digging holes and chasing birds… and believe me, he chased a LOT of birds. My mom said her reminded her of me when I was a kid. I guess that was one of my favorite things to do too. I literally think he moved nonstop – until he just couldn’t move anymore. He played so hard, he ended up falling asleep on the beach almost every day – usually mid snack. 🙂


Zilla was such a little beach babe too and kept herself busy playing in the sand, surfing on the boogie boards, or trying to escape out to sea. I’ll never forget her shakey little steps in the sand or her dancing on the balcony. ❤ img_2136


To me, there is nothing that can compare to a family beach vacation. There are no crazy agendas or places you need to be. Our biggest concerns were running out of sunscreen, deciding which way to walk down the beach that day, what kind of seafood we were going to have for dinner and where we were going to watch the sunset. Oh and whether or not to have our margaritas frozen or on the rocks. (the answer is always on the rocks with salt, by the way) 😉IMG_3147IMG_3224

Till next year, ocean. I am already dreaming of your warm salty air and the sand on my toes. Thank you for always giving my family the perfect place to make memories that will last forever. ❤ img_2198

Oh and here’s a little video I made of our trip if you’d like to check it out! ☺️