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Another great Mother’s Day weekend is in the books. Hub let me make every decision all weekend (which is actually really hard for me because I hate making decisions). But I took advantage of it and did some fun stuff for me. ☺️ (we all deserve to have a weekend like this!) 

Saturday afternoon, I left the kids with Hub and went for a bike ride with my mom and sister and some of our friends. The best part of it was when we got back to our friend’s house and sat on her beautiful patio and just got to relax and talk with the ladies with no interruptions. Ahhhh 🙌  

That night, I made Hub do a little shopping with me and the kids (sorry, Hub), and then we went out for dinner to a New Mexican restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. Yum! 

Sunday morning I woke up to the cutest little pants-less boy bringing me a picture he drew and breakfast in bed. 😍

I grabbed a cup of coffee and both my babies, and we curled up on the couch under lots of blankets to watch a movie. It was perfect. 💛

That afternoon, I met my mom and sister at a local restaurant for a drink while the boys prepped dinner for us! Yes, we have it good! ☺️


We had a delicious dinner at my sisters with the whole family. My nieces opened a “spa” and everything was 50% off for moms, so I treated myself to a manicure and back massage for only 38 cents. 😉


We took some family pics after dinner, and baby V looked like this in pretty much all of them: 


haha – little stinker! 

It really was a great weekend. It was a perfect mix of time with my family and time for me, which was something I needed more than I even realized.