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We had a really busy morning yesterday with visitors, and we were all ready for a nap after lunch. I got J laid down for his nap and thought about laying down with the baby to take a little nap myself. Then, I just kept thinking about J waking up and seeing me snuggled up with the baby, and I thought he might feel sad that he was not included (irrational mommy worries, I’m sure). Anyway, I decided to grab baby “V” and climb into his bed with him. 

I laid V by him and she instantly fell asleep. At one point, J woke up whining a little, and I told him baby V was next to him. He rolled over, put his arm around her and went right back to sleep. It was the sweetest thing ever. 

I didn’t end up falling asleep. I just laid there staring at my sweet babies thinking how lucky I am. They were so happy to be snuggled up right next to each other. This is the stuff my mommy dreams are made of. I mean, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this, right? ❤️