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I only had to babysit on Monday this week, so I tried to plan lots of fun stuff for J and I to do outside of the house.

Monday night my niece, A, asked if she could bring J for show and tell at school the next day. I thought it was so cute that she wanted to bring him. So, we packed up Tuesday morning and went to her school. She got to give her class (pre-k) four clues about what she brought. The ones I heard were “it waves bye bye”, “it talks”, and “it is starting to walk”. Then she came and got J out of the hallway and walked him into her class. The other students were so surprised to see that she brought a baby. She walked him around the circle and J kept saying “wow”. It was so cute.


Wednesday, we picked cousin E up from school and went to the park for a picnic. I’m not really sure why I thought a one and two year old would actually sit down and eat lunch while they were surrounded by playgrounds, but I just did my best to sneak bites of food in while they played. 🙂


Thursday we picked E up from school again and went to the zoo with grandma. We had another picnic when we got there. This time, I kept them in the stroller so they couldn’t escape while I tried to feed them. After lunch, we played by the fountains for quite a while.



Then we went to see all of the animals!



Grandma took us on J’s first carousel ride before we left. He loved it!


It was such a fun week, and the weather was perfect. I’m looking forward to a great weekend too!