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We went up to my parent’s cottage for Labor Day this year like we do ever year (except last year when J was only a few days old). There is a folk music festival the Saturday before Labor Day up there, and we have come to know a lot of the different musicians and look forward to hearing their music. There are several stages set up all over the town, and we can walk to all of them from the cottage. The girls took turns pulling the boys around in J’s new wagon. They loved it.


Then I wrapped J up so he could take a nap while we walked around.


Hub, Aunt A, Grandma and the girls all took an intro to harmonica workshop taught by one of the musicians. Then, they serenaded the rest of us with their talents for the weekend. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Oh, we also bought hula hoops from a hula hooping pro at the beach and spent several hours practicing our skills. I figure it will be good exercise, and if nothing else, it’s pretty fun!

We played at the beach for a couple hours until it started pouring rain.


We were all soaked and covered in sand by the time we got back to the cottage and had to take turns rinsing off in the shower. It was pretty funny!

We came home Sunday night. Hub and I had a lot of cleaning and organizing to do before the week started. We took a quick trip to the park last night for some fresh air and to let J play on his favorite: the swing.


It really was a perfect weekend. Just the right amount of fun, family, relaxation and randomness. I was not anticipating the harmonicas or hula hoops, but those are the fun, unexpected things that make beautiful memories.