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Summer is by far my favorite season. It always has been and probably always will be. One of my favorite parts is walking outside on a warm evening and breathing in the warm air. It is instant therapy. It literally melts any stress away for me.

We have these big, beautiful porches on our house, and I envision this perfect space with awesome outdoor furniture that we can sit around with friends and family and just hang out. We don’t quite have that perfect space yet, but one day we will. For now there are a couple old wicker chairs on the front porch and a picnic table on the back porch, both which came with the house.

We bought J a new (to him) fire truck a couple weeks ago, so we have been spending a lot of time playing with it outside in the driveway. He loves it. He likes being pushed around in it and climbing in and out.

Last Sunday night was one of those perfect, warm evenings. We went for a walk around the neighborhood, then came back to play outside for a bit. Hub sat on the tailgate of his truck reading the ‘funnies’ in the paper, and I sat right down on the cement in the driveway so I could help J play with his fire truck. The neighbors were just getting home so they came over to visit. They sat down on the cement with me to play with J. Then, their family, who was coming to their house to visit, came over too and sat with us. There we were, seven of us, sitting on the ground in our driveway. We played with J, shared stories about vacations, and had a lot of laughs. That right there… that is the good stuff. We didn’t need fancy furniture or the perfect space. We had a wonderful evening with friends without all of that. I guess my perfect porches can wait… 😉

Mommy fail! I will definitely remember to put shoes on him next time we play with the fire truck :(

Mommy fail! I will definitely remember to put shoes on him next time we play with the fire truck 😦

Another summer favorite: My Stargazer lilies! They just bloomed! I had to share.